Dr. Selvi Kara

Mentoring Philosophy

Being a first-generation student myself, I leaned heavily on the mentorship and guidance of several supportive and good people throughout my academic journey. I consider myself fortunate to have reached this point in my journey, and much of that is due to the invaluable guidance from my mentors. From my experience, I recognize the significance of quality mentorship, especially for students with marginalized identities in the field of mathematics.

My mentoring philosophy is centered around cultivating meaningful relationships with my students and fostering a sense of community. Regardless of whether I serve as your instructor, research mentor, or simply someone with whom you've connected, know that I am here to mentor and support you, irrespective of your circumstances. My mentorship approach is informed by the unique backgrounds, needs, and situations of each of my mentees. Instead of dispensing unsolicited advice, first I will try to understand your aspirations, requirements, and personal context. Then, I will offer my thoughts and suggestions, always bearing in mind that our backgrounds might influence our perspectives differently. I will proactively seek out opportunities that align with your aspirations and collaborate with you to pursue them. Even if our paths take different directions, I'll continue to touch base, inquire about your ongoing journey, and explore how I might offer support.

As a mentor, I am deeply committed to support and work with students from historically excluded backgrounds in mathematical spaces.

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