Dr. Selvi Kara

MEET a Mathematician!

"MEET a Mathematician!" is a collection of video interviews with mathematicians. Padi Fuster and I started this exciting project in March, 2020.

Check out our interviews at www.meetamathematician.com!

MATH for all in Salt Lake City

This is one of the satellites of the main Math For All in New Orleans.

Visit our satellite website here.

Visit the main Math For All NOLA website here.

Girls Who Code Club @South

I am the founder of the Girls Who Code Club @South. In 2017 summer, I taught a two week long summer program for Girls Who Code (GWC) in NYC and that was my first involvement with GWC. I am a strong supporter of the work GWC is doing.

Girls in Math Program @South

I am a co-founder and a past co-organizer of the "Girls in Math Day @ South" and "Girls in Math Club @South." Girls in Math Program is sponsored by MAA-Tensor Grant and the University of South Alabama, Mathematics and Statistics Department.

Visit the Girls in Math website here.

Check out the following organizations by colleagues!