I support and believe in Federico Ardila's axioms.

  • Axiom 1. Mathematical talent is distributed equally among different groups, irrespective of geographic, demographic, and economic boundaries.

  • Axiom 2. Everyone can have joyful, meaningful, and empowering mathematical experiences.

  • Axiom 3. Mathematics is a powerful, malleable tool that can be shaped and used differently by communities to serve their needs.

  • Axiom 4. Every student deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Past Teaching/Mentoring

University of Utah

  • Calculus 3 and College Algebra

  • Topics in History of Mathematics

We followed the book Ethnomathematics by Marcia Ascher for the History of Math class. I am grateful to Dr. Allechar Serrano López for sharing her Spring 2021 course content with me!

  • Directed reading on Algebraic Combinatorics

  • Co-advised an honors thesis.

University of South Alabama

  • (Graduate) Linear Algebra sequence

  • Abstract Algebra

  • Linear Algebra (in team-based learning and standards based grading)

  • Calculus I, II and III

  • Advised a masters thesis

  • Faculty mentor for the AWM Student Chapter